Prior to language is a pattern—a potential on the brink of expression. This expression is made manifest in our world as letters that are systematized as an alphabet, arranged as words and organized into communication. Over the course of human history, the power and beauty of written language has been brought into existence by the hands of expert typographers. As type precedes written communication, the quality of communication is dependent on the quality of the typeface. It’s with this understanding of the nature of language that we set out to carry on the tradition of expressing language through the simplest and most beautiful forms.

Type Royal is an independent type foundry established in 2022 by award-winning brand designer—Dylan Royal. Building brands consists of pouring over type specimens, searching for the perfect typeface to represent an organization’s personality and values. Oftentimes a typeface that is held in mind can’t be found—it can only be created. The intention of Type Royal is to create these typefaces. In the landscape of type design, we can be found at the intersection of classic beauty and modern functionalism. We're also located in Toronto, Ontario Canada.